Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Brian read books and thought about buying rentals for 15 years. He was a follower of Dave Ramsey and thought that he needed to save a large sum of money to buy a rental. After he listened to the Rental Income Podcast, he heard a previous episode, where a guest bought a rental with a small down payment. After hearing that episode he thought that might be a better way to get started. On this episode, we talk about exactly what he did.

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Will and Veronica share how they started buying rentals knowing nothing about how to do it. Over the last few years, they have figured it out, and have managed to buy 11 rentals. On this episode, we talk about how they did it, and how they have set up systems to make the management of the rentals easy.

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We talk about how Jim started with just a little bit of money and bought a 4 unit building. The rent from 3 of the units covered the mortgage, and he lived for free. He then did the same thing with a second building. Today the cash flow from his 8 tenants pays his mortgage at the house he lives in (without tenants). On this episode, we go over the numbers and talk about some of the challenges that he's had along the way.

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