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In the last year and a half John bought 3 multi-family units, while working his full-time job.  On this episode John talks about how he did it, with the help of his team.

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Jeremy shares how every investment he has made in rental properties has gone bad, and how he eventually ended up going bankrupt and losing his properties.

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Kevin started out buying multi-family properties in Seattle. Now, he is branching out to other markets using a creative strategy to find properties

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There are lots of ways to find good rental properties to buy. A great way to buy a property under market value is to use a wholesaler.  Today on the show we talk about how to use a wholesaler.

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On the lower end properties, generally there is more cash flow but also a lot more tenant issues.  The higher end properties generally have fewer tenant issues, but a lot less cash flow.  My guest today likes to buy properties in what he calls the "sweet spot", the properties right in the middle.

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