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Moving to a new city when the numbers didn't make sense investing in his home town anymore is what Andrew did.  Andrew found that the cost of properties were very low, and the rent to cost ratio made a lot of sense.  On today's episode, we hear Andrew's story.

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Getting laid off two days into a new job, made Steve decide he never wanted to rely on somebody else for a paycheck.  He started buying rental properties.  Today he lives off his rental income.

For Show Notes:

7 Things I wish I knew earlier about renting properties:

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Lisa doesn't like having loans on her rentals.  She knows that she could make more money by using leverage.  But, the risk isn't worth it to her.  She worked hard to get what she has and doesn't want a down market cycle to take it all away.  She also loves all of the positive cash flow the rentals generate every month.

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Managing rental properties doesn't have to be a nightmare.  My guest today has set up systems to make managing his rentals really easy.

Jonathan also has a really inspiring story.  He wasn't happy at his job, so he quit and got into real estate.  He got his real estate license and started selling real estate to generate income, he also quickly started building his rental portfolio.  Today he generates $20,000 in passive rental income.

Finding Deals:
Jonathan found his first deal at a barber shop talking to somebody that was getting his hair cut.  He ended up buying three properties from this investor.

Tool To Manage Tenants
High Rise and Base Camp by 37 Signals

Favorite Real Estate Book:
E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Reach Jonathan

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Carl figured out one day how many rentals he would need to own to leave his job, and live off his rental income.  On this episode he tells us how he did it, and what he has learned.

Keys To Success:

* Leverage relations with others to find deals.
* Having good income and credit history and lenders will want to, "throw you money".
* Don't be afraid to invest outside of your market.  Look at your available capital to determine available markets you can afford to invest in.

Carl's Magic number - Make a minimum of $350 per month per unit (including vacancy, loss, repairs, etc)

Now Is A Good Time To Invest:

* Because People will always need a place to live
* Money can be borrowed cheaply

Favorite Real Estate Book:

Rich Dad's Guide To Investing by Robert Kiyosaki

Contact Carl:

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Sometimes life changes, and you need to move.  This is what happened to Nicole Ratner, she bought a condo that worked great when she was single, but when she got married the condo didn't work so great anymore.

On this episode, Nicole talks about the good luck that she had with having a long-term tenant, and the bad luck she had finding out that the property had toxic mold, after the tenant moved out.

Resources for finding renters:
Military By Owner

Documents, Forms, Tenant Screening Resources

Favorite Real Estate Book:
Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach

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Q&A show.  I ask listener questions to Steve Elliff, a successful rental property owner.

If you have a question to ask on a future show, email me:

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It is possible to buy houses for as little as $400, just ask David Sexauer  He got his start buying properties from The Surplus list, where properties are sold for as little as $1.  His first batch of homes he paid $400 for each one.  Most of there properties are in rough neighborhoods, and in very poor condition.  But, David is able to fix these houses up, for $10,000 or less and make a big social impact in neighborhoods by providing affordable housing.

Key To Dealing With Tenants:

David has had a lot of problems with tenants, and with bad things happening to his properties.  He overcame this by working with local people that have a personal connection with the tenants and the community.  This is a real win-win.  It provides jobs in the neighborhood for the managers,  good low-income for the residents, and less hassle for the owner.

What David Looks For In A Good Deal:

How much cash he has available?

What is the interest rate?

What is the return?

He looks for a 2% monthly return (Pays $50,000 expects to make $1,000 a month)

Favorite Real Estate or Business Book:

E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Advice For New Landlords:

Stay engaged. Know wh

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Every real estate investing story doesn't have a good ending.  Jim Adams is proof of that.  Jim built an empire overnight.  He found an estate sale that included 70 rentals for his first purchase.  He than purchased another 30 properties on his own.

In a short period of time, he built an empire of 100 houses, and had a staff of 20 people.  When the market crashed, Jim lost all of his rentals, plus his personal house, and his cars.

A lot of people would find it difficult to move on after a loss this big.  But, not Jim Adams!  Today, Jim has re-built his life and is doing great.  On this episode, Jim shares what he would do differently today, and shares how he has moved on with his life.

What he would do differently:

He would buy houses subject to
He would buy nicer, higher end houses
He would buy fewer houses

Favorite Real Estate Book
Secrets Of A Millionaire Landlord by Robert Shemin
Other Advice:
Don't let people know you are the owner of the property.  Have your LLC own your property, and present youself to tenants as the lowly landlord.

Jim's Podcast:

Family Matters First

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Moving up to a new home, and turning your old home into a rental can be a great way to get started owning rental properties.  That is exactly how Chris Colgan got his start owning rental properties.

Chris thinks that the first purchase anybody should make if they want to own real estate is a primary house.  When you are ready to move out, keep your old house and buy a new house.

Chris said that location is an important consideration when buying a property.  His first property is within walking distance to a hospital.  Hospital employees give him a steady stream of potential renters.

Chris agreed with Skip and Mary Saylor, on episode 7 of the Rental Income Podcast, that owning a condo is not always the best idea.  The condo fees can be high, but on the upside they are easy to rent out.

Best Places to find renters

Military By Owner
Word of Mouth

Tenant Screening

Check Credit
Are they paying utility bills?
Reference from previous landlord


Make sure you budget to paint between tenants
Watch out for little things like getting keys and parking stickers back from tenants

Other Advice

Check on the property every quarter to twice a year

Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Source to Find Good Contractors

Contact Chris Colgan

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