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Kevin talks about how he was not able to find cash flowing properties where he lived, so he started looking in other markets. He shares his experience of buying rentals that are fully rehabbed, and already have tenants in place.

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Are there certain properties that are better rentals than others? Why kind of ROI should an investor target with a rental property? We talk about that, and more, on this episode.

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Kevin shares how a change to the type of properties he was buying, made a huge difference in his cash flow. He also shares how landlords can make sure that tenants pay utility bills.

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John shares how he is making way more money renting out his lake house by the week vs having a long-term tenant. We also evaluate a deal that he is looking at buying.

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Landon shares how he has built a great relationship with his manager, how he is dealing with a slow rental market, and how he is building his rental portfolio

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