Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Farris shares how he went from not knowing anything about real estate five years ago, to owning a portfolio of rental properties that nets him $90K a month.

We talk about what types of properties he's buying, and where he is getting the money from.

Farris has an amazing story because he isn't doing anything risky. He has been buying occupied properties that generate cash flow as soon as he closes, and using traditional mortgages with 20% - 25% down payments.

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Mike shares his experience of buying out-of-state properties for cash flow. The properties looked great on his spreadsheet - and they did make money. But, he wasn't making the kind of returns he was looking for.

Mike has made way more buying properties, holding them for a while, and then selling them for a large profit.

We talk about how much Mike has made on his transactions, and why he prefers to sell them vs holding them for the long term.

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Terry shares the details of turning a traditional long-term rental into a corporate rental.

We talk about the best location for a corporate rental, how he finds tenants, and how long they generally stay with him.

Terry also shares how much he spent furnishing his rental, how much vacancy he has, and how much time he spends managing his property.

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Amy shares how she found money for down payments by tapping into equity wherever she could find it, including her cars, home equity, and retirement money.

She also shares the unique strategy that she is using to finance her portfolio without having to come up with a lot of money.

Amy owns a mix of single family and 4 unit buildings. We see which type of property is more profitable.

We also take a look at one of her properties and talk about how she found it and we go over all her numbers.

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