Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Kevin talks about his experience turning his primary residence into a rental. 

We talk about why he decided to rent his property vs sell the property, what he needed to do before he rented his property, and how things have worked out for him.

We also talk about tax considerations to think about before turning a home into a rental and a way that investors can save money on repair costs.

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Adrian had a good, stable job with a pension, but he walked away from it all because he wanted more out of life.

On this episode, we talk about the types of properties Adrian bought, how many rentals it took him to be able to leave his job, how he budgets for expenses and how he financed his portfolio.

We also take a look at the numbers for the first turnkey property he bought, and how he gets infinite returns today using the BRRRR strategy.


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Zach shares his experience investing in new construction rentals. We talk about what he's looking for in an area to invest in, we talk about if he upgrades the property or rents it as it comes, and his unique way of finding tenants.

We also look at his numbers for a recent deal including what he paid for the property, his mortgage payment, the rent, typical expenses, and his cash flow.

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Paul lives in an expensive area, and he's been doing BRRRR projects in another state.

On this episode, Paul talks about what has gone right, and how he has overcome some challenges.

We also take a look at a recent deal and go over his numbers. We also take a look at his entire portfolio and review his rent, expenses and cash flow.

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