Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Chris thought about buying rentals for over 30 years. He bought his first property in his 50's to provide him income during retirement. On this episode, we talk about how he buys and manages his rentals, and we go over his numbers on his most recent purchase.

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Caeli talks about how you can take equity from one rental to buy another.

We also talk about what it takes to qualify for a mortgage today, what lenders are looking for, and what documentation is required.

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Nick is a big numbers guy and has figured out how to reach financial independence with a small rental portfolio.

We go over his numbers and talk about how much he is buying properties for, what he is renting them for, and how many properties he will need to reach his goal.

We talk about how he financed the properties that he has already purchased, and how he is saving money to make his future purchases with cash.

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Adee is an investor and a Realtor that specializes in helping investors buy rental properties. On this episode, he shares what investors should look for in an agent, how to find an investor-friendly agent, and how to keep an agent motivated to keep working for you.

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Eric shares how he has figured out how to make the self-management of his rentals easy. He talks about how he has automated some tasks while enlisting his tenants to help him with other tasks.

We talk about how he pays his tenants to help him, and how he has brought his vacancy down to pretty close to zero.

Eric also shares how good communication and working with tenants help him thrive with his rentals in a state that can be pretty landlord unfriendly.

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Ashey talks about how she profits over $3,000 a month and has made $800,000 in appreciation on 4 rental properties over the last five years.

We talk about the kinds of properties she's been buying, and how she manages her rentals while working full-time. We also review her income and her average monthly expenses.

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