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Wilson talks about his property that he rents out to students near a University. After all expenses this property nets him $1,800 a month. We talk about how he got started, financing, and how he manages the property

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Paul talks about building a rental portfolio that is totally passive. He talks about what he looks for in a potential purchase, how he stays out of the day to day management. We also talk about how he avoids risk and financing.

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Kathy shares her story of buying and self managing rental properties across the country. She talks about how she found the properties, how she deals with showings, inspections, and repairs with out being in the same area.

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Scott shares how he built a large portfolio without bank financing. He talks about how he used the cash flow he was getting from one rental to buy another. He has used this strategy to buy over 100 rentals.

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Drew talks about how he has been building his portfolio not to provide him with cash flow today, but to provide him cash flow during retirement. He also talks about how he is teaching his son about real estate, and how he recently helped his son by his first rental.

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A commercial banker talks about how community banks can help investors grow their portfolios. We talk about what they are looking at when they are deciding if they are going to make a loan, how investors can build relationships with banks, and some of the costs involved.

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Paul started buying rentals two years ago, and in that time he has acquired 22 rentals without bank financing. On this episode we talk about how he raises money from regular people that have some money to invest. He shares with us where he finds investors and what he says to them.

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Kevin shares how he is found, bought, and financed his first 3 rental properties.

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Nick shares what he has learned owning a single duplex over the last 16 years

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Rich shares how he's finding great cash flowing rentals in a market that most investors say you can't find deals. He also shares how he manages contractors, the incentive he gives his tenants to get them on ACH payments, and he also shares how he helps other investors do the BRRR strategy.

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