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Aaron shares how he has used seller financing to buy rentals. He also shares how he gets sellers to contact him about selling their properties.




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Phil shares how he has success renting in communities that cater to residents that are 55 and over.



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Lucas shares how he gets above market rent for his rentals by renting a group of tenants that are renting rooms. He also shares his "magic" number that has reduced his vacancy to almost nothing

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Keith walk us step-by-step how he started by buying a 4-plex, and living for free as his 3 tenants paid his mortgage, and ended up with a portfolio consisting of multiple houses, and 2 apartment buildings



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Chris shares his strategy of buying in different markets for different reasons. He owns rentals in 5 different markets. Some he buys for appreciation, and others for cash flow.



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Jason shares how he built a rental portfolio of 20 rentals in the last 2 years. He also shares his formula for buying properties, how he markets for properties, and how he finances the properties so that he has none of his own money in each deal.



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Are apartment buildings better investments than single family homes? We talk about the differences, how to get financing, and where to find deals on this episode.

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Dan tells the story of how he researched another rental market, and purchased a cash flowing rental property.


Links Mentioned on the show:


Local economic info - Do a google search for the County "Offering Document"


Other local info:

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Eric most recently had a bad tenant that he almost had to evict. Today he talks about what happened, and what he learned from this experience.

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Jeanne owns a portfolio of 1,500 college rental units located in two different college towns. We talk about how the college market is different from other markets, and how she grew such a big portfolio.

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