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Tristen shares what he has learned about tenant screening, collecting rent, and managing repairs after owning a 3 unit building for two years.

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Denise shares how she was able to replace her job income with rental properties. We talk about how she finances properties, and how C class properties are different than B class properties

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Ben shares his story of how he built a portfolio of 26 rentals. He also shares what he looks for in a rental property. We talk about if the school district matters, and the numbers he looks at when evaluating a deal

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Jennifer shares how she built her portfolio using very little of her own money, and now generates $80,000 a year in cash flow.

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Learn how Randy has been using creative financing to build his rental portfolio. He shares how he has been buying properties with no down payment and at 0% interest.

Randy also shares how he makes sure he always gets paid rent on the 1st of every month, and why he stopped charging a security deposit.

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Joseph shares his incredible story of how he bought 17 units in his first 3 months as a real estate investor.

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Jason built his portfolio by buying a house to live in, and a year later renting that house and buying a new house to live in. On this episode he shares how he did it, and shares some tips on how investors can work with Realtors

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David shares how he has built an out of state rental portfolio while working a full-time job. He shares how he found properties, and how he manages the rehabs from across the country

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Linda shares the details of a welcome letter that she sends out when a new tenant moves in, and we talk about the pros and cons of different methods tenants use to pay rent.

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Josh shares his strategy of buying rentals for appreciation, and not cash flow. He also shares how he is able to make extra money by renting out properties by the room, renting parking spaces, the backyards of his properties, and by renting his houses to corporate tenants.


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