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Becky doesn't buy rentals - She builds them! We talk about how she got started, and why she decided to build properties. We also talk about what she learned from evicting a tenant.

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Josh shares the details of his first deal. A property that is generating $1,200/month in cash flow.

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Andrew shares the simple formula he uses to pay off properties quickly. He explains how he is able to payoff 5 properties every 7 years. 

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Jan shares her experience having new homes built to rent out. She also shares some great property management tips that she has picked up.

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Cory set a goal that he wanted to buy 10 duplex's in 10 years - and he did it!! On this episode we talk to Cory about what he has learned, how he manages over 100 doors, and we get some advice about if it is a good idea to buy a rental in a retirement account, or to take money out of a retirement account to buy a rental.

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Attorney Jules Haas answers some of the top legal questions I have heard from rental property owners. We talk a lot about LLC's, what to do if a tenant slips and falls and sues you, and how to avoid hassles for your heirs if you pass away while you own properties.

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Mel and Natalie own just a few rentals, but they treat it like a business. They have a great process for screening tenants, and managing the day to day operations.

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Kevin shares the details on how he makes over $1,000 a month renting a single bedroom on AirBnb. He also gives ideas on ways investors could scale a AirBnb property to make even more money.

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Dan and Suzanne share why they sold a cash flowing rental and the details on buying a property in another city.

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Mike shares step-by-step exactly how he purchased 5 rentals (with numbers and details). The income off those 5 properties was enough to replace his income, so that he could quit his job and work full-time on building his rental portfolio.

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