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Nick shares what he has learned owning a single duplex over the last 16 years

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Rich shares how he's finding great cash flowing rentals in a market that most investors say you can't find deals. He also shares how he manages contractors, the incentive he gives his tenants to get them on ACH payments, and he also shares how he helps other investors do the BRRR strategy.

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On this episode we walk through how a  husband and wife team built a portfolio that generates $35,000 a year in cash flow. We also talk about some of the unique things that they do to generate revenue in addition to rent.

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Mitch was really scared that he would lose money investing in rental properties. But, he also knew that owning rentals was a great way to build wealth. On this episode he tells his story of how he got over the fear and got started buying rentals.

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Tim has a different strategy than most of the guests that we've had on the podcast. Tim buys properties high end properties in good neighborhoods.. These properties don't cash flow that great, but that's not why Tim is buying. He's built a lot of wealth through appreciation and debt pay down.

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Mark shares how he started building his portfolio while working his full-time job. After a few years he had enough rental income to leave his job and live off the rental income. We talk about how he started buying rentals with 10% down payments, and eventually figured out how to buy rentals without a down payment. Mark also shares some tips and tricks that he uses to mange over 100 rentals in just a few hours a day.

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CPA Craig Cody shares ways that rental property owners can save money on their taxes, and talks about things to do (and not do) to avoid an audit.

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Jay tells us why he has been investing in a town that is about an hour away from where he lives, and what he is doing to minimize his vacancy to almost nothing. We also talk about why he invests for cash flow vs appreciation.

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Graham shares his story about how he has good months and bad months at his job, and was looking for a steady income stream. He stated buying rentals, and now owns 3 properties that cover his basic living expenses.

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I'm trying to decide if I should rent to people with pets. On this episode I have two guests with different views on the subject. One landlord will allow pets with certain conditions, and the other has had bad experiences renting to pet owners and will not allow it.

I listen to both point of views, and decide what I'm going to do.

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